Player Development Initiative

The Player Development branch of the club is a new initiative designed by Duncan Wheeler (Toff) who is a coach within the club. The aim of the scheme is to offer additional coaching and specific training to players with Ipswich Valley Rangers Football Club with a purpose to enhance the development of an individual, a group or the whole team and to aid the players to reach their full potential. The work that the coaches of the teams do is excellent but the club is in a position to be able to offer more one to one coaching to aid progression. It is undoubtedly difficult, when coaching between 10 and 17 young people, to give enough player specific information to individuals within the team when you are coaching the whole team in one hour training per week. This is a scheme that will be an option available to every player with Ipswich Valley Rangers F.C. providing that they regularly attend training sessions and demonstrate a good attitude. The initiative has been designed as an addition to the training the players currently receive on a weekly basis and will not stand as replacement. There is no age restriction on players who want to take part and further their development.


Duncan will use his qualifications and experience as a professional coach for Ipswich Town F.C. combined with experience in Brazil and Holland to co-ordinate and run the development programme. Duncan will head the initiative and as the size of the programme grows, external coaches will be brought in to work on the scheme.


The scheme offers a number of opportunities aimed at significantly enhancing the development for players such as;

The scheme is not compulsory for any player and it is strongly advised that you only consider this option if the player has a desire to enhance their understanding of the game and wishes to develop their game. The dates and times for these extra sessions are not fixed and players who want to take part should contact their manager or Duncan directly. There will be no extra charge. You are also welcome to contact Duncan regarding any advice you may seek on the game.


Contact Details:


Duncan (Toff) – Head of Player Development 07595304517