Under 11s Blue

Haydon Stevhenson


Jordon Cox
Defender / Midfielder


Favourite team: Arsenal
Favourite player: Nasri
Favourite TV: Disney Channel
Favourite food: Spag Bowl 
Hobbies: Football and playing on DSi and playstation

Lewis Jones
Midfielder / Striker


Favourite team: Man City
Favourite player: Robinho
Favourite TV: Tom and Jerry and WWE
Favourite food: Pizza 
Hobbies: Football and playing with friends 
Sponsor: Lewis Hair Team

Mark Abilitt
Defender / Midfielder


Favourite team: Chelsea
Favourite player: Frank Lampard
Favourite TV: Match of The Day
Favourite food: Cheese and chips 
Hobbies: Swimming and football
Sponsors: Chappel Barn Lodges

Billy Hammond


Riley Doney

Jack Ludlow
Sponsors: Clean Sweep Chimneys
                     01473 684811

George Sprouts


Favourite team: Man Utd
Favourite player: Nanni
Favourite TV: WWE
Favourite food: Chicken Nuggets 
Hobbies: Cricket and Golf

Frankie Ramsey


Harrison Biggs


Favourite team: Arsenal and Ipswich Valley Rangers!!!
Favourite player: Fabregas
Favourite TV: Starwars
Favourite food: Sweets 
Hobbies: Football and Eating.

Ronnie Harris

Jake Preston

Michael James